The Noremac Group of Companies History
Cameron D. Currah founded Noremac Industries in 1984. At that point, Noremac was a concrete contractor and manufacturer of pipeline weights for the oil and gas industry. In 1987 Noremac purchased its first concrete pump to compliment its existing placing and finishing division. After recognizing the need for high quality equipment and service in the Saskatchewan market, Noremac expanded in to Saskatoon as Noresask Pumping Inc. in 1995. Shortly thereafter in 1996, Noresask opened another branch in Regina Saskatchewan. With increased demand for a superior concrete pumping in the prairies, Noremac began to focus mainly on the concrete pumping industry in 1996. At that point in time, Noremac shifted our interests from placing and finishing, to increasing our fleet of pump trucks and our involvement in both residential and commercial aspects of the growing construction industry.

As construction activity continued to boom, Noremac was able to continue developing a number of driven, experienced and capable personnel, which largely contributed to Noremac expanding into British Columbia. In 2000 the Kamloops branch of Noremac opened as Norewest Pumping Inc. Due to involvement in numerous successful projects, and high demand for our Norewest’s services all over British Columbia, another branch was opened in Osoyoos in 2006. Norewest was also very pleased to announce the introduction of a satellite branch of the Osoyoos division into Merritt, B.C. in early 2008.

From our start in Edmonton, to our expansion across the prairies in Saskatchewan, and further west into British Columbia, our dedication to maintain high quality and service every step of the way have afforded us with a very credible reputation at Noremac, making continued excellence our goal.

The Noremac Group of Companies covers the largest geographic region of any Canadian concrete pumping contractor, proudly completing projects from Ontario to BC. In addition, Noremac has the largest fleet of Schwing concrete pumps in this geographic area. In fact, Noremac is the largest independent Schwing pumping contractor in Canada.

The Noremac Group of Companies pumps concrete for both the residential and industrial/commercial industries. Projects range from home patios and house walls to airports, bridges, high-rises, grain elevators mining sites and more. No matter how challenging or unique the project- Noremac will make it happen!