The The Noremac Group of Companies Team
  Cameron Currah, CEO

Cameron Currah started out in the concrete industry in 1974. After graduating from the University of Alberta in 1981 with both a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Commerce, he went on to work for a large construction contractor. After three years of furthering his industry experience in this position, Cameron decided to make his dream a reality, and thus founded Noremac Industries in 1984. Over the past quarter century Cameron has been dedicated to building the Noremac Group. With much dedication, and a strong desire for success and constant improvement, Cameron continues to strive for excellence at the Noremac group each and everyday.
  Marcel Jittler, Managing Partner – British Columbia

Marcel Jittler has been in the construction industry forming and framing since 1988. After moving to the Fraser Valley, Marcel worked in the ready mix Industry for seven years. Marcel began operating concrete pumps in 1996 and quickly became very experienced and well known in the industry. Marcel joined the Noremac team as an operator in 1998, and became the Operations Manager in Edmonton in 1999. Marcel played a primary role in Noremac’s expansion into British Columbia (as Norewest Pumping Inc.), becoming Vice President of Norewest in 2000. Since then Marcel has continued to play an integral role the growth and development of the company all across British Columbia. Marcel currently sits on the board of the Kamloops homebuilders association.