Seperate Placing Booms - The Noremac Group of Companies
We can offer 28M, 32M, 39M and 41M separate placing booms. The detached model ads versatility with the optional quick disconnect feature. Contractors use the truck-mounted pump with placing boom in its conventional mode for part of a day on slab pours or other ground level placements and quickly remove the boom (with the aid of a tower crane) for remote placements later in the day. The quick coupling incorporates four pins, which are easily removed to free the boom from the truck. The boom is remounted to a Schwing pedestal using the four pin system. The pedestal can be located hundreds of feet from the pump and connected with a pipeline, or a separate placing boom can simply be set up with a powerful line pump and fly the placing boom to multiple pedestals

Separate placing boom services are also available through our affiliate company, Westrock. The pictures below are from the 41M separate placing boom currently taking up residence at Epcor Tower: Station Lands in Edmonton, AB. This 41M boom is the largest separate placing boom in CANADA and one of only THREE that exist in NORTH AMERICA.

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41M boom pictures: